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Garage Door Service in National City, CA

If you need dependable garage door service then the team here at Garage Door Repair of National City, CA is ready to serve you! We enjoy taking care of our community in National City, California and are eager to get started on your door.

How to Save Money by Taking Care of Your Door

One of the most important things you can do for your garage door is to properly maintain it. Proper maintenance will extend it’s life and greatly reduce those unexpected breaks. It’s easy to take care of your door and only takes a little of your time to do the following:

  • Every few months, generously lubricate all the mechanical parts to cut down on the friction that causes parts to wear out
  • Clean the tracks and sensor eyes as needed
  • Inspect your entire system for rust and promptly remove any that you find
  • Call us right away if you notice new grinding noises or if you find frayed cables or wires
  • Make sure you schedule tune-ups by the professionals about once a year

Typically speaking, a well taken care of door can last about 20 years or even more. However, if you neglect your door you can expect it to last about half that time. Proper maintenance will also save you hundreds by reducing the need for repairs.

We Can Update Your Home’s Look

If you’re getting ready to put your home on the market then upgrading your garage door is a must. Not only will it help your home sell faster but it will also help your home sell for more money. You can expect to see about an 80% return on your investment at the time you sell your home.

All Your New Door Options

We partner with several of the to names in the industry so that we can bring you a wide variety of beautiful new doors. You can choose from a variety of options such as:

  • Styles
  • Material
  • Insulation grades
  • Colors
  • Hardware
  • Windows
  • And more!

We’d be more than happy to walk you through all of these options to make sure you pick the right door for your home!

Safe and Reliable New Door Installation

After you new door arrives, we’ll bring it to your home and install it. We have all the proper tools and the knowledge to make sure this is done safely and correctly. We’ll also test out your entire system after we’re done to make sure everything is working right. This is an important step because if one small part is off then it’ll wear down the rest of your system and cause your new investment to not last as long.

What We Do During A Safety Inspection

Is your garage door working safely? With all the use a garage door receives, it’s important to have it inspected to make sure all of the safety features still work. During a safety inspection, we’ll go through some of the following:

  • Warning labels
  • Automatic reversal system
  • Overall door function and operation
  • Garage door rollers
  • Wall mount switch height
  • And more!

We recommend you have a safety inspection done about once a year if your door receives average use.

Call Today for Dependable Service

Garage Door Repair of National City is your neighborhood garage door company to help you out with all your garage door service needs. Our team is excited to help you out with a tune-up or professional new door installation! For service in the National City, California area give us a call today!

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